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Reducing the Falling Accident due to the Removal of Safety Fence from Gondola

변형식, 임종국, 양원백

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Gondola is widely used as a construction facility to perform external finishing work without using scaffolding at a construction site. However, since 2000, there have been 17 deaths from now so these risks associated with work can not be ignored. Therefore, it is expected that it will contribute greatly to prevent related disasters if introducing necessary measures to prevent repeated related disasters and installing additional safety devices. In order to eliminate the risk factor according to the operation of the gondola, it is necessary for the operator to use it to use it while the examination of each product is completed, and to use the over load Dangerous arbitrary measures such as arbitrary operation of the prevention device, removal of the safety fence for convenience of work, installation of the wire rope installed in the air, falling out of the wire rope and falling to the ground Do not perform such sealing measures so that any operation of the overload prevention device can not be done so as not to take such arbitrary measures, or wire the power supply wire to the safety fence so as not to delete the safety fence. Then, when the safety fence is removed, so that it does not become a gondola operation, or when replacing the wire rope in the air, to prevent the wire rope from coming off, Additional measures such as installing falling down prevention device may be necessary.


1. 서론
2. 현실태 분석 및 고찰
2.1 개별제품심사 주요 불합격사례 분석 및 고찰
2.2 곤돌라 주요재해 원인분석 및 고찰
3. 결론
3.1 난간이 제거되지 못하도록 하는 조치 필요
3.2 권하방지조치 필요
3.3 과부하방지장치의 확실한 봉인조치 필요
4. References


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