‘个’의 기능 재고 및 화용적 특성 탐색 - ‘V个N’ 형식을 중심으로 -


Reconsider the function of ‘Ge’ and its pragmatics features. - Focused on ‘VGeN’ Forms -


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This paper came up with the fact that various different opinions exist on the form of ‘VGeN’, reviewed each of those opinions, and reconsidered the function of ‘Ge’. The core of the ‘VGeN’ format is ‘Ge’ for that reason, the past view of the function of the ‘Ge’ itself was first scrutinized. In the beginning, ‘Ge’ was simply viewed as a unit of counting or as a classifier, and some were described as a function of individuation. This report puts focus on the function of individuation and considers this in relation to the ‘VGeN’. Although it is also shown in the various examples presented in this report, ‘VGeN’ is no longer a function for simple numerical representation, nor does it serve as a classifier to classify certain nouns. A noun that has not received any quantity of modifier in a sentence simply represents the total classification of an object, but can be recognized as an objective object embodied through the process of individualization. However, even the object of the objectification is no longer biased by the noun at the back or by the verb at the front. Looking at the different combinations of ‘VGeN’ presented in the text, ‘Ge’ could no longer be combined solely with one side. Along with this aspect, the fact that the object in Chinese can be omitted if it receives the formula of the quantity and the number is ‘one’ is also a potential feature that opens up the possibility of achieving the current ‘VGeN’ format. As these factors are used at high frequencies, the interior of the ‘VGeN’ is re-analyzed as shown in A: [ V[GeN] ] → B: [ VGeN ], and thus a new function has been introduced. Observations of past syntactic analyses were considered to be limited, so we considered the useful aspects of situations in which ‘VGeN’ is used in the example sentence, along with the above basic thought processes. We looked at various aspects of the speaker's position in the environment, his purpose, his intention to ignite, and his recognition as a listener. Through these comprehensive observations and thoughts, this report reflected the psychology and attitude of the speaker to embody the actions, and emphasize them in the ‘VGeN’


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 선행연구
Ⅲ. ‘个’의 기능 재고 및 화용적 특성 탐색
제1장. 중국어 양사에 대한 해석과 ‘个’의 기능 재고
제2장. ‘个’의 화용적 특성 탐색
Ⅳ. 맺는말


  • 기유미 Ki, Yu-Mi. 부산외국어대학교 중국학부 강사.


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