함축 부정 의문문에 관한 연구 - 의사소통의 관점에서


A Study on the Communicative Effect of Interrogative Sentences Implying Negation from the Point of Communication.


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This paper aims to conduct a study on the communicative effect of interrogative sentences with ‘shei’, ‘shenme’, ‘na’, ‘zenme’ implying negative meanings rather than asking questions. This type of interrogative sentences is called as ‘an interrogative sentence of implicative negation(ISIN)’. The findings are as follows: 1) Negation can be classified into two types of negation. One is a propositional negation, in which proposition is directly negated by 不, 沒, 別. The other is an implicative negation, in which proposition is indirectly and implicitly negated depending on the context. 2) An implicative negation has a feature to depend on both context and premise. 3) An implicative negation is indirectly expressed and concretely comprehended by means of a rhetorical question. 4) Chinese people often use rhetorical questions with ‘shei’, ‘shenme’, ‘na’, or ‘zenme’ to indirectly imply negative meanings, 5) In ISIN ‘shei’, ‘shenme’, ‘na’, ‘zenme’ are acted as a trigger to bring about negative meanings, thus they can not be both focused and stressed. The negative focus can be an element either before or after ‘shei’, ‘shenme’, ‘na’, or ‘zenme’. 6) The use of ISIN results in the effect of both decreasing of the degree of the addressee's face demage and helping the addressee to cooperate in the communication by means of giving a relevant information. Through using ISIN, Chinese people clearly express their communicative intentions such as disapprove, refutation, reproach, criticism, dissatisfaction, suggestion, warning, politeness, assertion in relation to the addressee's opinion, assertion, or judgment in their daily communication. In conclusion, ISIN is founded to be an useful tool for the efficient communication.


Ⅰ. 머리말
Ⅱ. 의사소통의 기본 조건
Ⅲ. 부정의 유형과 표현 형식
Ⅳ. 함축 부정 의문문의 특성
V. 함축 부정 의문문 사용과 의사소통 효과
Ⅵ. 맺음말


  • 李範烈 이범열. 釜山外國語大學校 中國學部 助敎授.


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