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Explaining the Relationship between Behavioral Intentions and Actual Behaviors in the Context of Social Network Service Privacy Settings: Focused on the Moderating Role of Implementation Intention Intervention



The rapid advancement of information technology has definitely changed the way people live. However, it brings risks like privacy violations along with the benefits. During the past few years, frequent data privacy scandals of such well-known brands as Google and Facebook have definitely alerted online users worldwide to the possibility of privacy risks. Although poll shows increasing concern about privacy, most users rarely make active efforts to protect their personal data. Such a discrepancy between privacy attitude and behavior is usually known as “privacy paradox”. Many researchers have made attempts to explain the attitude-behavior discrepancy. Most of them have focused on the attitude-intention relationship, since intention is considered to be the most immediate and important predictor of actual behavior based on the attitude-intention-behavior relationship in Theory of Reasoned Action(TRA) and Theory of Planned Behavior(TPB). However, it has been proved that there exists a gap between behavioral intentions and actual behaviors, which makes us question those studies focusing on the intention instead of the actual behavior. That is, the intention-behavior gap describes the failure to translate intentions to action. Therefore, we aim to examine the privacy paradox in the context of Social Network Service(SNS) privacy settings to see if there is an intention-behavior gap. If it actually exists, how to bridge such gap and what role does implementation intention intervention play? The study makes contributions to the privacy literature and offers practical guidelines for both SNS users and privacy policy makers.


Literature Review
Theory of Reasoned Action and Theory of Planned Behavior(TRA & TPB)
(Goal) Intention & Implementation Intention
Previous Studies
Research Model and Hypotheses
Research Model
Research Methodology
Operationalization of Variables and Measurements


  • JONGKI KIM Ph.D. in MIS, Professor Pusan National University
  • JIANBO WANG Ph.D. candidate in MIS Pusan National University


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