特定の人物を指し示す「人」に関する一考察 -照応関係と現われ方を中心に-


An Observation on hito (‘人’) Which Refers to a Specific Person - Focusing on Anaphoric Relations and the Mode of Appearance -


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This study examines the anaphoric relations and the model of appearance for ‘人’ (hito) which refers to a specific person. The examined example sentences include ‘人’ which refers to a specific person and the person referenced by ‘人’. Based on the earlier study that pronouns are used for a person serving as the topic in the context, which serves as the topical person, between ‘人’ that refers to a specific person or the person referenced by ‘人’, has been examined. Also, to examine the mode of appearance, the example sentences are classified into the act of expressing and the context. The results of the examination are as follows. The anaphoric relations held by ‘人’ which refers to a specific person differ from those held by pronouns. This is because the person referenced by ‘人’ is likely to serve as the topical person, in that ‘人’ is frequently used to indicate the awareness of victimhood. ② ‘人’ which refers to a specific person concentrates in speech as the speaker (first person). This is because the victim is more easily expressed as the speaker (first person) than as the other and the situation is more easily reflected in speech than in passage. ③ ‘人’ which refers to a specific person is expressed as anger, advice, and complaint for the speaker (first person) and as shame for a third party person (third person).


1. はじめに
2. 先行研究と研究方法
2.1 先行研究
2.2 研究方法
3. 人称別の考察
3.1 「人」が1人称の用例
3.2 「人」が2人称の用例
3.3 「人」が3人称の用例
4. 表現行為別・文脈別の考察
5. おわりに


  • 施山緑 시산록. 水原大学 外国語学部 日語日文学 助教授, 日本語学


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