영동 설계리 농요의 사설양상 고찰


A Study on a Telling Style in Farmer’s Songs of Seolgye-ri Yeong-dong

한종구, 이상희

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This paper is a study on farmer’s songs while he engages in rice farming in the Seolgye-ri village Yeong-dong-gun North Chungcheong province. The Seolgye-ri farmer’s songs are made up of four songs; a song of removing a rice seedling from the seedbed, a song of planting the rice seedling, a song of weeding out and a song of harvesting the rice. This paper inquired into the features of the telling in the songs by dividing it into two parts of external and internal ones. The Seolgye-ri farmer’s songs have their vocalism in the style of leading and following chorus, with unique features in their rhythm which farmer’s songs in the mid-region of North Chungcheong province have. The telling of the Seolgye-ri farmer’s songs is mostly about a pray for a good harvest, a respect for the old and a filial piety, an encouragement of agriculture, and contains contents to make farmers exhausted by farming forget their fatigue and to amuse them.


Ⅰ.들어가는 말
Ⅱ. 영동 설계리 농요
1. 영동 설계리 농요 자료
2. 영동 설계리 농요 사설
Ⅲ. 영동 설계리 농요 사설 양상
1. 외형적 특성
2. 내재적 특성
Ⅳ. 나오는 말


  • 한종구 Jong Goo Han. 한국교통대
  • 이상희 충북대


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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