『소리와 분노』에 나타난 여성성과 노마드적 주체성 — 콤슨 여사와 캐디의 탈영토화 경향성


Searching for Female Characters’ Nomadic Aspect Through De-territorialization in The Sound and the Fury


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Southern lady codes, which were combined with capitalism, racism, patriarchal system and religion and so forth, forbade Southern women to satisfy their desire. However, women characters in this novel de-code southern lady codes so as to persue their own personality and identities. Deleuze and Guattari emphasized the importance of ‘becoming-woman’ by criticizing the privileged position of women. De-territorialization as a concept of philosophy can be used for minorities to fight against fascist positions. Deleuze and Guattari explained that becoming woman is sought not by imitating or assuming the female form, but by producing particles made up of the concept of molecular woman. Although the story is narrated by the male characters, the three generations of Compson women could be looked upon as the novel’s core. Mrs. Compson refuses to be a devoted mother and a good wife. As a result, she ‘de-territorialize’ traditional code of patriarchal system. Caddy seeks sexuality and denies serving as a virginal woman, which causes Caddy’s de-centre and De-territorialization. Caddy is excluded because she has subversive power to doxa, emitting intensive libido. Caddy serves as rhizomatic subject through ‘becoming minority’ endlessly. Miss Quentin serves as nomadic subject in order to de-territoialize from capitalism and patriarchal system. Woman’s Construction of self-identity could not be static or singular but multi-modal such as Faulkner’s expression of this novel—“still alive and still growing, changing”.


I. 들어가는 말
II. 들뢰즈의 여성되기와 페미니즘
III. 콤슨 여사와 캐디의 여성성과 탈영토화 경향성
IV. 나가는 말


  • 김기현 Ki-hyun Kim. 동국대학교 박사과정


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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