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Effect of hair dyeing and scalp toner containing stichopus japonicus extract on hair loss

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This study is to find the relation between hair dyeing and hair loss, scalp healthiness. Now a days many person let their hair dyed by chemicals that generate color and whiten agents. We have interviewed 150 persons live around Seoul, having hair dyeing repeatedly, and was told by reason of hair dyeing, frequency of hair dyeing, cost of hair dyeing, having or not dermatology test before having hair dyeing, symptoms after having hair dyeing. Then, we have investigated 4 times of 15 person’s hair loss number 2 weeks ago before having hair dyeing and have investigated 4 times of 15 persons’s hair loss number 4 weeks later after having hair dyeing. The results is that mean of hair loss number is 53 ea before hair dyeing and mean of hair loss number is 74.9 ea after hair dyeing. The hair loss number is much more bigger after having hair dyeing than does not having hair dyeing. The mean number of hair loss after using scalp toner is 51 ea. Therefore, sea cucumber extract is effective for prevent hair loss and improve scalp condition. Therefore, we have concluded that sea cucumber extracted shampoo and hair toner are good for prevent hair loss and improve scalp hair condition.


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Ⅱ. 재료 및 방법
1. 연구대상 및 기간
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3. 임상결과
Ⅳ. 결론


  • 이명화 Myung-hwa Lee. 건국대학교 대학원 생물공학과
  • 최태부 Tae-boo Choe. 건국대학교 생물공학과


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