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A Study on the Design and Fabrication of Robot for the Higher Grades in Elementary School

김동연, 김무현, 박정호, 김진수

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This research higher(4th, 5th, 6th grade) grades in elementary school robot developing design and fabrication, is purposeful that introduce robot learning environment such as robot education and training courses induction. Method, study finding that research teams are accumulative 3years(2001-2003) analyzing synthesis, of research robot for elementary school related program etc.. that utilize C language accordingly with design and fabrication study and developed.Main conclusion of research is as follows:First, robot sensor PCB that develop design and fabrication, apply and studied about sensor drive(action) state and role with related sensor programming that utilize robot sensor PCB fabrication and C language. Second, robot main PCB that develop design and fabrication, apply and studied about motor drive(action) state and role through related motor programming that utilize connectionfabrication with parts related with robot motor and main PCB and C language. Third, apply and studied "kit" for robot education that fabrication various troubleshooting and so on that is happened robot fabrication such as sensor by education related program and organic operating state between motor and programming process that utilize C language. Fourth, use each PCB that develop design and fabrication, elementary students fabrication robot, and attend directly actuality competition such as creation and operated related program that utilize C language.


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