Analysis and Evaluation of Compound Verb Translation Patterns


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In this thesis, an investigation was conducted on the compound verb translation
patterns and evaluation by JKL (beginner) on these patterns [KJL, JKL (advanced)] of
Korean Japanese Leaners (KJL) and Japanese Korean Leaners (JKL). Major findings are
as follows: [Advanced Korean Language Ability Group JKL (advanced), Beginner Group
JKL (beginner)]
(1) In KJL, the percentage of correct answers in compound verb translations is
nearly identical regardless of Japanese study level. However, the distribution of correct
answers ranged from 6.5 to 89.8% depending on the type of compound verbs which
shows significant difference depending on the patterns.
(2) When translation patterns of compound verbs by KJL and JKL are compared,
mother tongue interference is observed in all compound verb translations by JKL. And
also in JKL (advanced), numerous patterns that seem to be Korean interference are
(3) In JKL, variations in translation patterns are observed depending on Korean study
level. In other words, in JKL (advanced) there are many patterns that are influenced by
Korean interference, but in JKL (beginner) patterns that appear to have derived from
the natural sound of the sentence can be found without the influence of Korean
(4) Translation pattern evaluation of JKL (beginner) conducted by KJL and JKL
(advanced) strictly evaluate confusion of intransitive and transitive verbs that result in
wrong patterns of 『V1+V2』 to 『V2+V1』. And nearly similar evaluation is made on 『V1
+V2』 and 『adv +V1』 patterns.


1. はじめに
 2. 調査の方法
  2.1 調査I: 韓國人日本語學習者[KJL]による複合動詞の翻譯
  2.2 調査II: 韓國人日本語學習者[KJL(上)]の複合動詞の翻譯
  2.3 調査III: 調査I, IIの翻譯の類型にする日本人韓國語學習者[JKL(下)]の評定
 3. 結果と考察
  3.1 韓國人日本語學習者[KJL(上)·(下)]による複合動詞の翻譯の正答率(調査I)
  3.2 韓國人日本語學習者[KJL]と日本人韓國語學習者[JKL]による複合動詞の翻譯の類型 (調査 I, II, III)
  3.3 日本人韓國語學習者[JKL(上)·(下)]による複合動詞の翻譯の類型 (調査 II, III)
  3.4 韓國人日本語學習者[KJL]と日本人韓國語學習者[JKL(上)]による複合動詞の翻譯の類型に對する日本人韓國語學習者[JKL(下)]の評定 (調査III)
 4. おわりに


  • 趙南星 조남성. ハンバット大


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