방진용 폴리우레탄 매트의 물리적 특성과 안정성 향상에 관한 연구


A Study on Quality Characteristic and Stability Improvement of Vibration-Proof Polyurethane Mat

우경하, 이창호

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Along with industrial development, various architectural structures have become bigger and higher, leading to an expansion in the size and capacity of construction equipment. And with the development of public transportation, the use of subways as a means of transportation in the city center is increasing, so that vibrations and structural noises are emerging as a new environmental issue. Considering that architectural structures may be used from several decades to hundreds of years after the time of construction, they can be seen as semi-permanent. Due to changes in the vibration-proof polyurethane mats installed in the foundation of these structures, settling may occur and vibration reduction may become inadequate. Therefore, in view of service life, it is necessary to have a high-level standard of reliability and stability. In accordance with this, the Floating Floor System, which uses soft polyurethane foam and can be constructed within a relatively short period of time, has excellent vibration resistant characteristics. It is presented as a great alternative solution to the issue of vibrations caused by subways, railways and building structures. At present, vibration-proof polyurethane mats have been developed up to the same product level as in other advanced countries. However, in the construction of structure foundations, the physical properties of this product and its shape incur changes. If they are installed as such in the structure of a building, it may cause significant impact on stability, requiring that this cause be urgently identified and improved.


1. 서론
2. 이론적 배경
2.1 방진용 폴리우레탄 매트
2.2 외국 방진용 폴리우레탄 매트 분석
2.3 가속수명시험 설계
3. 개선과정과 결과분석
3.1 고장유형분석과 가속수명시험
3.2 공정개선
3.3 폴리우레탄매트의 물리적 특성 결과분석
3.4 공정개선 후 고장건수의 변화
4. 결론 및 향후 연구 과제
5. References


  • 우경하 Kyung-Ha Woo. 인하대학교 산업경영공학과
  • 이창호 Chang-Ho Lee. 인하대학교 산업경영공학과


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