TRIZ 기반 불량 주요 원인 선정을 통한 공정 최적화 방안


Process Optimization Method by Selection of Main Causes of Bad Faults Based on TRIZ

송상훈, 박재현, 송관배

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The background of this study is to establish a systematic development process for SSD(Solid State Drive) which is being watched as the next generation auxiliary memory device and to make stable production. In order to do so, we select the two products that have been developed and classify and analyze all defects generated in each product by type and process of defects. The root cause of the fault and its background were reflected in the contradiction matrix of TRIZ's technical contradiction, and the improvements suggested in the 40 inventive principles were reflected in the test case design methodology of each process. Finally, this study suggests a process optimization method for systematic development.


1. 서론
2. 이론적 고찰
2.1 SSD의 이해
2.2 소프트웨어 테스팅 기법
2.3 TRIZ
3. 최종 인증과정의 불량 분석
3.1 불량 사례 분석 (A제품)
3.2 불량 사례 분석 (B제품)
4. TRIZ 불량 분석에 따른 공정 최적화
4.1 모순행렬을 통한 특성 도출
4.2 40가지 발명원리 도입
4.3 공정 최적화 방안 마련
4. 결론 및 향후 연구과제


  • 송상훈 Sang-Hoon Song. SK하이닉스(주)
  • 박재현 Jea-Hyun Park. 한국산업인력공단
  • 송관배 Kwan-Bae Song. Department of Industrial & Management Engineering, Myongji University


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