무급가족종사자의 산재보험 적용 방안에 관한 연구


A study on application method of Industrial Accident compensation insurance for unpaid family worker

이용선, 김병석

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Unpaid family workers operate projects for business with my family is Officially, but are paid to the beneficiary of the joint cost of living in real terms or at a separate wage. In other words, as defined in employment laws that do not receive wages provide workers for the purpose of Labor Standards Act because they don't see that not be regarded as an employee. Therefore, unpaid family worker workers are excluded from the application of the statutory. Unpaid family worker are protected against the risk of an industrial accident or industrial disasters through Guarantee basic right to exist to them through appropriate compensation in the event. Safeguards to the realization of human dignity unless this is a personal level as well as social dimension in them a great loss and industrial insurance. There are subject to the need to expand to include social safety net.


1. 서론
2. 무급가족종사자의 산재보험 적용에 대한 이론적 고찰
2.1 무급가족종사자의 개념
2.2 무급가족종사자의 현황
2.3 산재보험 제도의 이론적 고찰
3. 무급가족 종사자 실태분석
3.1 설문조사 대상
3.2 설문조사 결과 및 실태분석
4. 무급가족종사자의 산재보험 적용방안
4.1 무급가족종사자의 산재보험가입 적용 기준
4.2 무급가족종사자의 보험료 산정 방법
5. 결론
5. 참고문헌


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  • 김병석 한국교통대학교 안전공학과


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