군사기지 및 군사시설보호법에 의한 국방부 보유 부동산 자산의 효율적인 관리방안에 관한 연구 (육군 보유 부동산 자산을 중심으로)


Protection of military bases and military facilities in the real estate assets held by the Ministry of National Defence study on the efficient management (Army has focused on real estate assets)

신광식, 하중호

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Recently the society evolves between military and local residents for protection of military bases and military facilities are often friction is happening. Therefore, an alternative to resolve this issue was to establish the research. Firstly, military bases and military facilities shall be reset to the direction of protected areas management. Second, active participation in government planning and real estate professionals must be forward deployed to train. Third, the group can increase the value of real estate assets in the future the city needs to develop military. Fourth, continued research on the military Reserves and the local residents have to find ways to win-win. Fifth, in the meantime, residents of border areas has been neglected support plan shall be performed by. Finally, the Information Group real estate asset management business when dealing with a complaint should take advantage


< Abstract >
Ⅰ. 서론
1. 문제제기
2. 연구목적 및 범위
3. 선행연구의 검토
Ⅱ. 군사시설 관리법제의 비교
1. 외국의 군사시설 관리법제
2. 한국의 군사시설 관리법제
Ⅲ. 군 부동산 관리실태 분석
1. 주요국 군용지 점유 비교
2. 군 부동산 관리실태
3. 군사시설로 인한 지방자치단체 재정손실
4. 군사시설보호구역 해제 실태
5. 소결론
Ⅳ. 군사시설 및 보호구역의 효율적 관리방안
1. 군사시설 및 보호구역의 관리방향 재설정으로 군ㆍ민이 상생할 수 있는 대책마련
2. 정부에서 계획을 수립할 때 적극적으로 참여 할 부동산 전문가 전진 배치
3. 미래 군사도시개발(Military Town)을 고려한 군 부동산 자산 운용
4. 군사보호구역의 연구 활동 지속 실시하여 군ㆍ민 갈등 요소 감소
5. 접경지역 개발계획 수립으로 접경주민 사기진작 필요
6. 군 보유 부동산 자산을 정보화관리로 대민 업무 지원용이
Ⅴ. 결론
1. 연구요약 및 시사점
2. 연구 한계 및 향후 연구 계획


  • 신광식 Shin, Kwang-Shig. 국민대학교 법무대학원 겸임교수
  • 하중호 Ha, Jung-Ho. 서울벤처정보대학원 대학교 박사과정


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