제주 월정리 해안변 개발에 따른 해안경관 실태 분석 연구


The Analysis of Coastal Landscape according to Development of Woljeong-ri Village in Jeju

성다정, 박정근

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The coastal village in Woljeong-ri, Jeju is highly preferred by tourists because of its unique natural landscape different from inland areas. Especially, the number of buildings in the coastal area of the village is increasing due to escalating commercial value. Buildings are densely developed, along the seaside, resulting in privatization of coastal landscape. This results in blocking of landscape and psychological exchanges between the coastal village and coast. This study analyzed the actual conditions of coastal landscape before and after 2010, when the number of tourists and demand for development were increased in the coastal area of the coastal village in Woljeong-ri, Jeju. In this study, open index, visible horizontal index, elevation angle, elevation blockage and visible facade index were used to compute objective indicators of coastal landscape status. The analysis reveals visible facade index, a complex landscape assessment indicator, was increased by 7 times after 2010 as compared with before 2010. As such, there are many coastal villages in Jeju similar to Woljeong-ri that have a high landscape value and are in need of management. A comprehensive measure including a system for management of coastal landscape is urgently required to create narrative landscape in Jeju.


1. 서론
1.1 연구배경 및 목적
1.2 연구범위 및 방법
2. 선행연구 및 이론적 고찰
2.1 대상지의 경관 관련 제도 현황
2.2 선행연구 고찰
2.3 경관평가지표 고찰
3. 월정리 해안변 건축물 현황조사
3.1 조사개요
3.2 대상지 건축물 현황
4. 월정리 해안경관 실태 분석
4.1 수평적 경관 평가지표
4.2 수직적 경관 평가지표
4.3 복합적 경관 평가지표 : 가시입면지수
5. 결론


  • 성다정 Seong, Da-Jeong. 제주대학교 대학원 건축공학과 석사과정
  • 박정근 Park, Chung-Keun. 제주대학교 건축학부 교수, 공학박사


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