하타씨(秦氏)와 야와타노카미(八幡神)와의 관련성에 대해서


The Historical Relationship between Hata Uji and God Yawata

최경진, 김상규

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In this paper, I have tried to examine a cooperative relationship between Hata clan and three priests of the ancient God Yawata- Usa, Karashima, and Oga clan. First of all, Karashima who is a same tribe of Hata clan went east and arrived the Usa district in the middle of 5th century from Kawara Mountain in Tagawa and blended their spirit with God of Usa and built up an initial shape of God Yawata. In the Usa region, Usa clan worshiped Munagata three Goddesses. Among the three goddesses of Usa clan, Ichigishima-Hime was stepping up as a deity to Kyoto Matsuo-taisha Shrine, which was founded by Hata clan in AD 701. Hata family, the immigrant from Gaya Confederacy (AD 42-532) in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula , served Ichigishima-Hime as their female shaman who sought the safety of sailing between their hometown Busan (Kimhae) in Korea and Northern Kyushu region in Japan. Currently, the three goddesses of Usa clan are enshrined as the deity of the Ushahazimangu Palace in Usa City, Oita Prefecture. By taking account of this enshrinement, we can understand a close relationship among Hata, Usa clan and God Yawata. By the way, Usa clan could have rapidly declined in relation to Iwai's rebellion against Yamato Dynasty in the late 6th century. On behalf of the fallen Usa clan, Ogahigi, a descendant of the Miwa clan, was sent from Yamato Dynasty to Usa region, took over Usa's position. On the other side, Miwa and Kamo clan had a same ancestor, at the same time, Kamo and Hata clan owned a very similar historical tale each other. This means that all three clans had very closed relationship. I presume that Hata clan was cooperative to Ogahigi in Usa region and they built up another new Yawata religion. In 1045, at the age of seven, Minamoto Yoshie, the ancestor of Yoritomo who established the Kamakura Bakufu, held an adult ceremony in front of God Yawata and was called as Yawatataro that was originated from the name of God Yawata.


Ⅲ. 八幡神의 제사씨족과 秦氏
Ⅳ. 결론


  • 최경진 Choi, Kyung-Jin. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 강사
  • 김상규 Kim, Sang-Kyu. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수, 일본고전문학


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