一九作合巻『黄金蔓掘出分限』 『七福神屑籠』の創作譚を巡って -雷神及び磯ぜせりの趣向を中心に-


About the creative story of Ikku’s work Gokan “KanenochuruHoridasibugen” and “SichihukunokamiKuzukago” - the motif of “Raizin”and “Isozeseri”-

잇쿠작고칸 『가네노쓰루호리다시부겐』 『시치후쿠노카미쿠즈카고』의 창작담에 대하여 - 천둥신 및 이소제세리 취향을 중심으로 -


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In this paper, I focused on the motifs of “Raizin” and “Isozeseri” about the creative story of Iiku’s work Gokan “KanenochuruHoridasibugen” and “SichihukunokamiKuzukago”. The story about having a sister as a wife and the good deeds of the previous life had become the main source of the creative story with focusing on the motifs of “Raizin” in “Horidasi”. In particular, the first volume incorporating motifs of “Raizin” was a complete creative story with unrelated to the previous work “Tonbogaeri” and the illustrations. Meanwhile, 4 pages of the latter part in “Sichihuku” mainly formed collecting the Gokan“habit of Isozeseri”, forming a creative story by adding a story of having a son-in-law. Specifically, the back story of the case developed in “Iso” is told by the words of mistress of a brothel in “Sichihuku”, and the ending part of both works coincides with the words, and although the person's name is changed, it was completely match. In this way, the overall motif of the Gokan “Iso” that develops over 30 pages is used by abstract and extracted form in order to develop over 4 pages in Gokan “Sichihuku” which is assembly of various motifs. Also, there was a preceding Kotkeibon “YononakaHinpukuron”, the motif that the concubine brought in by the requested other’s money eventually becomes his concubine has been succeed in Ikku’s work. As mentioned above, “Raizin”, wife and the previous life were taken up about the creation story of “Horidasi”. The story and illustration of “Iso” were taken up about the creation story of “Sichifuku”. As a result, it showed the charts of the outline and composition so that we can understand the mutual influence relationship and creation story of the three works “Tonbogaeri”, “Horidasi” and “Sichifuku”.


1. 緒言
2. 『黄金蔓掘出分限』の創作譚:雷神の趣向を中心に
2.1. 雷神
2.2. 姉妹を女房に
2.3. 前世の善行
3. 『七福神屑籠』の創作譚:合巻『磯ぜせりの癖』より
3.1. 『磯ぜせりの癖』の話柄と絵柄
3.2. 『七福神屑籠』との関係
4. 結語に代えて


  • 康志賢 강지현. 全南大学校国際学部日本学専攻 教授、日本近世文学専攻。


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