지역사회 개선을 위한 방법론으로서의 CBPR에 대한 메타적 고찰 - 한국과 일본의 연구사례를 통하여


A Meta Review of Case-studies using CBPR in Korean and Japan

류영진, 김희재

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Recently, policies like ‘Maeul Mandelgie’ and ‘Regional Revitalization’ have been increasing in South Korea. As a result, concepts like ‘Spontaneity of Residents’ and ‘Problem Recognitions and Dynamics from inside’ are becoming increasingly important key-words for solving regional problems. However, the methodology that matches such policy trends is still lacking. This study presents CBPR(Community-Based Participatory Research) as a new methodology that can scientifically support recent policy trends. However, until now, CBPR has been mainly used in the public health sector. This study is the basic study of applying CBPR to social science. Through an overview of CBPR's concept and Merit, it explains that CBPR emphasizes ①Recognition of problems from within the region, ②Participation of the study subjects and ③Spontaneity and sustainability. etc. This is also an essential difference from other qualitative research methods. In addition, in this study, case of Korea and Japan with CBPR are selected for Meta-review. Meta reviews cover a wide range of CBPR case study, For example, ranging from improving local health, solving school violence, regional revitalization and seismic damage recovery. Through meta-review, we derive the some implications, ‘the importance of recognizing problems from within the region’, ‘the importance of association’, ‘the choice of methodologies considering local circumstances’ and ‘reaching agreement as collective opinion’. As a future research project, research on ‘the accumulation of CBPR studies based on Korea’ and ‘Specific conceptualization of CBPR’ are required.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. CBPR에 대한 개괄
Ⅲ. CBPR의 특징과 지역상황 개선에 있어서의 기대효과
Ⅳ. CBPR의 한ㆍ일 적용사례
Ⅴ. 한ㆍ일의 사례로부터의 시사점
Ⅳ. 맺음말


  • 류영진 Ryu, Young-Jin. 일본 기타큐슈시립대학 지역전략연구소
  • 김희재 Kim, Hee-Jae. 부산대학교 사회학과 교수


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