高麗代 鞦韆 關聯 詩歌 분석을 통한 鞦韆硏究


A Swing Study through the analysis of related poetry of Goryeo Dynasty.

고려대 추천 관연 시가 분석을 통한 추천연구


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The purpose of this study is to study the origin of swinging of the Koryo Dynasty, I have searched the subject of transmission, meaning analysis and space-time of swinging through swinging appeared in the poems of Lee Gyu-bo's ‘Dano Gyun Chucheon Yeohee (端午見鞦韆 女戱)’, ‘Hansikil Daeinbulinji’, classical scholars' ‘Hallimbyeolgok (翰林別曲) Chapter 8’, Lee Saek's ‘Swinging’ ‘Dano’ of the 8th book of ‘Mokeun Sigo (牧隱詩藁)’ and Lee Seungin's ‘Dano’, the anthology. As a result of analyzing the literatures, the Hansik day was a Chinese swinging day, and our country swung on the day of Dano festival. The writer of poetry is not a person who swings directly on the swing, but a recorder in the position of the observer. The place where the swings appeared in the Hanlimbyeolgok chapter 8 was Baekjeongdong palace in Gaeseong, the capital city of Goryeo, and the time was Dano day in May 1216. The other city's swing places were in each province. The analysis of the subject of the time and space of the swinging provided the basis for applying the data of the Joseon Dynasty, modern and contemporary. we could find basic momentum to set up basic data to suggest and establish some standards for the swing facility. We know the fact that the viewpoints of swinging are different depending on the times and political positions. There was no extensive study on the swing play in Koryo Dynasty. To make accurate preciseness of the study on the swing, it requires deeper study on time background of literary writers, social custom and ideology, and exegesis and commentary could enables to folklore study on the swing play so far.


1. 머리말
2. 이규보(李奎報)의 추천 한시에 나타난 추천
1) 이규보의 단오견추천여희(端午見鞦韆女戱)
2) 한식일대인부지
3. ‘한림별곡 8장’에 나타난 추천
1) 한림별곡 8장의 시공간
2) 한림별곡의 의미해석
3) 한림별곡 8장의 전승주최
4. 이색의 한시에 나타난 추천
1) 이색(李穡) 목은시고 권 8, 추천
2) 이색의 단오
5. 이숭인의 한시에 나타난 추천
6. 맺음말


  • 권민수 Gwen, Min-Su. 사)한국민속문화원 이사장


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