한국어교육의 발전 방향과 과제 - 중산대학교 한국어학과 교육상황을 중심으로


On Orientation Towards Korean Language Education — Centered on the Education Status in Department of Korean, Sun Yat-sen University


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South Korea and China are near neighbors only separated by a narrow strip. The two countries boast a long history of economic and cultural exchanges. Since South Korea established diplomatic relations with China in 1992, an increasing number of Korean enterprises have invested in China whose economy has been booming. Under this context, the demand for talents with professional expertise is growing. In the earlier period since the establishment of China-South Korea diplomatic ties, for lack of related talents, Korean enterprises were willing to recruit anyone who could speak Korean. However, now with universities which offer Korean major increasing, Korean enterprises’ requirements become so higher that candidates should not only speak Korean but also command professional expertise. To cater for the higher requirements of social development, the orientation towards Korean language education and the mode of talent cultivation should be adjusted. How to cultivate compound talents of Korean major is an important subject facing Korean language professional teachers. And China’s Korean language education circle holds opposite opinions in terms of whether compound talents of Korean major are feasible. This paper will focus on the Korean language education status in Sun Yat-sen University, review the orientation and takes positive attitude towards cultivating compound talents of Korean maj.


1. 머리말
2. 사회적 수요에 부합하는 외국어 교육
3. 한국어 학과의 복합적인 인재 양성 문제
4. 복합적인 인재 양성을 위한 중산대학교 한국어학과의 현황
5. 맺음말


  • 劉宇 류우. 中国 中山大学 国际翻译学院 韩国语系 副教授


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