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Knuckle Design of Hand-made Electric Vehicle Based on Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

이종선, 최효서, 권양선, 이태섭

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This research has been conducted to design upright parts of hand-made vehicles with the purpose of reducing material and machining cost while ensuring structural safety. Aluminum knuckles were modelled with three parts in order to enhance design flexibility as well as to reduce CNC machining cost. A vehicle model was constructed in CAD program and simulated in ADAMS View in order to estimate joint forces developing during 20 degree step steering condition at 60km/h. The joint forces obtained in the vehicle dynamics simulation were used for the structural analysis in ANSYS and dimensions of knuckle parts were adjusted until the lowest safety factor reached 2.0. The weight of knuckle decreased by 50% compared to the previous version that was designed without the structural analysis. The overall manufacturing cost decreased by 33% due to the reduction in the material as well as the CNC machining effort.


1. 서론
2. 차량 동역학 모델링
2.1 차량제원
2.2 하드포인트와 조인트 연결 상태
3. 차량 동역학 시뮬레이션
3.1 정적 해석
3.2 스텝 스티어링 해석
4. 너클의 구조해석
4.1 정적 해석
4.2 스텝 스티어링 해석
5. 스트레인 게이지 실험
6. 토의
7. 결론


  • 이종선 C. S. Lee. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Handong Global University
  • 최효서 H. S. Choi. Handong Global University, Undergraduate
  • 권양선 Y. S. Kwon. Handong Global University, Undergraduate
  • 이태섭 T. S. Lee. Handong Global University, Undergraduate


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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