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Experimental Study of Water Penetration Rate Via Graphene Oxide Membrane According to Driven Pressure Difference


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Graphene oxide (GO) laminate is a new promising material for water purification system, which has extraordinary permeability only for water molecule. It consists of numerous nano-channels, in which water molecules could be nano-confined, resulting in slip of the molecules for very fast transportation speed. In this study, water penetration rate via different thickness of GO membrane according to driven pressures are measured experimentally, so that speed of water molecules and permeability are evaluated. Generally, water penetration rate via a membrane with macroscopic-sized channel increases linearly with pressure difference between up and bottom side of the membrane, but that via GO membrane approaches asymptotic value (i.e. saturation) as like a log function. Moreover, the permeability of GO membrane was observed in inverse proportion to its thickness. Based on the experimental observations, a correlation for volume flux via GO membrane was suggested with respect to its thickness and external pressure difference.


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  • 김지민 Ji-Min Kim. Member, Assistant professor, Dept. of Technology Education, Korea National University of Education


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