Heat Transfer Coefficient, Heat Release and Gas Hazard Tests for Expanded Polystyrene Heat Insulating Materials with Aluminum Foil


알루미늄 호일 부착 발포 폴리스티렌 단열재의 열전도율, 열방출시험 및 가스 유해성 시험

Ha-Sung Kong

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The purpose of this study is to enhance heat insulation effect and to decrease fire hazard by attaching aluminum foil to expanded polystyrene, which is mainly used for insulating materials, to have fire retardant. The result of the test confirmed that the insulating materials, expanded polystyrene of 10 kg/m3 and 14 kg/m3 of density attached aluminum foil on both sides, showed 12%, 14% of improved heat transfer coefficient respectively compared to existing expanded polystyrene of the same density. Besides, they met all the standards for the testing of heat release and gas hazard. On the other hand, the one made of general expanded polystyrene could not meet the standards of the heat release test and the gas hazard test.


1. Introduction
2. Structure of Expanded Polystyrene Heat Insulating Materials with Aluminum Foil
3. Test for Measurement of Heat Transfer Coefficient and Testing of Gas Hazard
3.1 Test for Measurement of Heat Transfer Coefficient
3.2 Heat Release Test and Gas Hazard Test
4. Conclusion
5. Conflict of Interest
6. References


  • Ha-Sung Kong 공하성. Department of Fire and Disaster Prevention, Woosuk University


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