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A Study on the Mold System of Bicycles Gear for Driving Safety


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Recently, bicycle has means of effective healthy transportation, and riding the bicycles is considered as popular recreational and sporting activities. Also, the saddle, steering system, driving device and braking device are researched briskly because of consumer’s need for driving performance and comfort. Especially, the importance of a cassette responsible for transmission function by transmitting power to the drive shaft through the chain is very focused. The writer conducted structural analysis for the sprocket of each level using the ANSYS widely used for the analysis. Speed shifting performance was enhanced by minimization / simplification of shifting point through a sort of tooth profile of the cassette. By partitioning a clear value type and other shifting point, it has been modified to enable smooth speed-shifting. In addition, as titanium precision forming process, this study studied the molding technique by blanking and dies forging for mass production of the cassette. so it could be expected that the entire drive train would utilize that in the future. The stamping process capability for thin materials for the mass production of the sprockets is applicable to producing automobile parts, so lightweight component production is likely to be possible through that, for the safety of driving.


1. 서론
2. 스프라켓 설계 및 구조해석
3. 시제품 제작 및 재설계
4. 구조 해석 결과
4.1 시제품 구조해석 결과
4.2 검증 구조해석 결과
5. 결론
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  • 정연승 Youn-Seung Jeong. 유한대학교 금형설계공학과


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