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Formula for Correcting the Impact Angle of Spatter Stains on Height

박강민, 김경미, 노지연, 김연서, 이상윤, 임동아, 주은아, 서영일, 김진표, 고재모, 박남규

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is a technique used to reconstruct crime scenes. There are various patterns of blood strewn around the crime scenes, and bloody parts without protrusions can be used to estimate a Area of Origin by calculating the impact angle by mathematical formula. However, the formula currently used is a linear method that produces errors by various variables. Therefore, it differs from the actual impact angle. To overcome this, a formula for difference in surface has been studied in previous studies. However, this formula also can differed with the results depending on its height, so the study drew a more calibrated formula taking into consideration the differences in height among various variables. Experiments were carried out at intervals of 10° from 20° to 70° at intervals of 20cm from 20cm to 100cm in height, but 20cm and 40cm were excluded because they showed no tendency. As a result It has been concluded that the formula for the height is different for each height, so we have to decide what is the most optimal formula and what to experiment further. The most optimal formula was concluded provisionally is W/L=0.9048 sin(0.02683?-0.1974)+0.1172 sin(0.06951?+1.728) this equation is based on experimental data and It was chosen because the error rate was the lowest among the derived formulas. Based on this study, experiments required later will be different collision angles depending on the speed.


I. 서론
II. 재료 및 방법
III. 실험 결과
IV. 결론 및 고찰
V. 감사의 글
VI. 참고문헌


  • 박강민 Kang-Min Park. 연세대학교 과학수사학과
  • 김경미 Kyung-Mi Kim. 연세대학교 과학수사학과
  • 노지연 Ji-Yean Noh. 연세대학교 과학수사학과
  • 김연서 Yeon-Seo Kim. 연세대학교 과학수사학과
  • 이상윤 Sang-Yoon Lee. 국립과학수사연구원 법공학부
  • 임동아 Dong-A Lim. 충남대학교 평화안보대학원 과학수사학과
  • 주은아 Eun-Ah Joo. 국립과학수사연구원 법공학부
  • 서영일 Young-Il Seo. 국립과학수사연구원 법공학부
  • 김진표 Jin-Pyo Kim. 국립과학수사연구원 법공학부
  • 고재모 Jae-Mo Goh. 국립과학수사연구원 법공학부
  • 박남규 Nam-Kyu Park. 국립과학수사연구원 법공학부


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