e-CA(e-Consequence Analysis)를 활용한 위험설비의 비용 분석에 관한 연구 : 강관제조업 사례를 중심으로


A Study on the Cost Analysis of risk facilities using e-Consequence Analysis - Focusing Steel pipe Industry

권혁민, 황용우, 이익모, 천영우, 최영훈

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The steel pipe manufacturing industry deals with facilities and materials. Especially thermal facilities are close to vapor cloud explosion (VCE) and may cause secondary damage to facilities because they deal with corrosive substances such as hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and acid, fire, explosion, leakage etc. It is in danger. In this study, hazard identification method was conducted using HAZOP techniques and quantitative risk analysis was conducted using e-CA, a program that supports accident impact analysis. Equipment in the influence range of ERPG - 3 was determined to be a facility requiring replacement. It was decided that neutralization is necessary using slaked lime. Based on the cost of loss, We presented the proper replacement which is the timing of the dangerous facility. As a result, It was ideal to replace the facilities with 20 years of heat treatment facilities, one year of hydrofluoric acid storage tank, 20 years of sulfuric acid storage tank, and 5 years of hydrochloric acid storage tank.


1. 서론
2. 이론적 배경
2.1 강관 제조업
2.2 위험성 평가 기법
2.3 화학물질 비상시 누출 기준
3. 연구방법
3.1 연구대상
3.2 위험성평가 및 전략 도출
4. 연구결과
4.1 정성적 위험성평가 결과
4.2 강도 분석 결과
4.3 손실비용 산출
4.4 비용 분석
5. 결론
6. References


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