자동차용 모바일 폰 충전 케이블의 발화 안전성에 관한 연구


A Study on safety against a fire of charging cable for mobile phone for vehicle

권진욱, 최규식, 황명환

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This paper describes result of a study on safety against a fire of charging cable for mobile phone for vehicle. Combustion on the USB cable in the car was happened while driving. Gas coming from the burning USB cable could be a reason which can make a secondary car accident since the driver also can be embarrassed while driving. In order to prevent a secondary car accident connected on the road, to research a reason why USB cable can emit gas and be burned in charging. We did simulation test with abnormal fault condition for the electronic component on the board in the USB cable. So we get the result from abnormal fault condition simulation test, for instance, shorted test for output terminal of 8 pin switch, shorted test for chip resistor after thermal aging in the condition 25 ℃ , 93 % RH during 48 hours. To analysis the result of all test, Combustion on the USB cable was not the 8 pin but other electrical component such as a chip resistor. Therefore we guess that the reason for USB cable combustion in charging in a car was not 8 pin and a LED but another defective component.


1. 서론
2. 휴대전화 USB 충전케이블 고찰
2.1 충전용 케이블 종류별 특성
2.2 2 배속 충전케이블의 특징
2.3 사고발생 충전케이블의 동작원리
3. 휴대폰 충전 케이블의 연소가능성 모의시험
3.1 정상동작 확인 시험
3.2 이상상태 모의시험
3.3 시험결과
4. 결론 및 고찰
5. 참고문헌


  • 권진욱 Jin-Wook Kwon. 한국산업기술시험원
  • 최규식 Kyu-Sik Choi. 한국산업기술시험원
  • 황명환 Myung-Whan Hwang. 인천대학교 안전공학과


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