제조 리드타임 단축을 위한 NC 가공공정에서의 실시간 모니터링 시스템 모형 – 선박용 엔진블록 가공공정을 중심으로 –


A Real-Time Monitoring System Model for Reducing Manufacturing Lead-Time in Numerical Control Process - Focusing on the Marine Engine Block Process -


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This study suggests a model of production information system that can reduce manufacturing lead time and uniformize quality by using DNC S/W as a part of constructing production information management system in the industrial field of the existing marine engine block manufacturing companies. Under the effect of development of this system, the NC machine interface device can be installed in the control computer to obtain the quality information of the workpiece in real time so that the time to inspect the process quality and verify the product defect information can be reduced by more than 70%. In addition, the reliability of quality information has been improved and the external credibility has been improved. It took 30 minutes for operator to obtain, analyze and manage the quality information when the existing USB memory is used, but the communication between the NC controller computer and the NC controller in real time was completed to analyze the workpiece within 10 seconds.


1. 서론
2. NC관련 기술동향
2.1 NC 개요
2.2 관련 연구현황
3. NC가공기 컨트롤러 인터페이스 설계
3.1 시스템 아키텍처
3.2 하드웨어 구조
3.3 소프트웨어 설계
3.4 제어 프로그램
4. 실증적 실험 및 결과
4.1 실험장치 구성
4.2 시스템 인터페이스
4.3 실험 결과
4.4 효과 분석
5. 결론
6. References


  • 공명달 Myung-Dal Kong. 영산대학교 의료경영학과


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