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The Effects of HVAC Management on Condensation Cause and Prevention in Indoor Swimming Pools


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This study is empirically intended to look into the effects of HVAC management on condensation cause and prevention in indoor swimming pools. The findings are summarized as follows. First, the experience of condensation in indoor swimming pools showed that 132 out of 142 people in total experienced the condensation in indoor swimming pools, which they had a high experience rate of 92.3%. For the location of condensation, the wall joints were 46.8% and the windows were 34.5%, which a total of 72.3% occurred in the wall joints and windows. Second, the effect of construction design, HVAC management and building construction on the cause of condensation in indoor swimming pools showed that building construction had an effect on the cause and location of condensation depending on the seasonal time, partially adopting hypothesis 1. Third, the effect of condensation-causing factors on condensation-preventing factors in indoor swimming pools showed that condensation had a close relationship with air and temperature conditions depending on the time and location of condensation, adopting hypothesis 2. As for the above-stated findings, the HVAC management in indoor swimming pools is an important concern factor that continues to cause condensation despite the development of advanced construction materials. Especially, building construction is a main factor that has a direct effect on condensation in the HVAC management of facilities. This implies that the window management is important in maintaining the wall joints - which can suppress the selective use and defect occurrence of construction materials - or confined spaces for a long time.


 1. 서론
 2. 연구방법
  2.1 연구모형
  2.2 가설설정
  2.3 조사대상
  2.4 측정도구 및 설문지 구성
  2.5 분석방법
 3. 연구결과 분석
  3.1 표본의 일반적 특성
  3.2 측정도구의 타당도 검증 (확인적 요인분석)
  3.3 가설의 검정
  4. 결론
 5. 참고문헌


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