작업면과 천장면의 조도 분포 동시 측정 방법에 관한 연구


A Study on Simultaneous Measurement Method of Illuminance Distribution of Work Surface and Ceiling

서재윤, 정근주, 이규남

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Dimming control is required when daylight is to be introduced into the room. In this case, the work surface illuminance must be sensed in real time and fed back. However, when the illuminance sensor is installed on the work surface, it is difficult to use the work surface, and it is difficult to accurately detect the illuminance by residents or objects. In order to solve the inconvenience of installation of the work surface illuminance sensor, the illuminance sensor is attached to the ceiling to feedback control the work surface illuminance. At that time, the relationship between the work surface illuminance and the ceiling illuminance is required, but there have been few studies related to this in Korea and abroad. The research propose and analyze a method to simultaneously measure and analyze the illuminance distributions of work surface and ceiling. The research installed 45 illuminance detectors in combination with Arduino, illuminance sensor and radio system to measure the illuminance of the ceiling. In the model building (3,840W×5,980D×2,570H) of this research, the reflectance of the ceiling material, wallpaper and flooring were 79.9, 83.4 and 40.4% respectively and the lighting equipment was 5,700K, 50W, 1,280L×320W, 4,000lm, lighting efficiency 80lm/W, LED 3Set. In this research, average illuminance of work surface and ceiling were 560 and 202lx, respectively, and average illuminance ratio(ceiling/work surface) was 0.37 on the basis of work surface illuminance. It is necessary to further study the relationship between the ceiling and work surface illuminance ratio with the reflectance of the wall.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적
  1.2 연구의 방법 및 범위
  1.3 관련 연구 동향
 2. 조명 이론고찰
  2.1 조도의 법칙
 3. 작업면과 천장면 조도 측정 실험
  3.1 측정기기 및 모델 건물
  3.2 작업면 및 천장면 조도 측정 실험
  3.3 작업면과 천장면 조도 비율 분석
 4. 조도 시뮬레이션 및 비교
  4.1 작업면 조도 시뮬레이션 및 비교
  4.2 천장면 조도 시뮬레이션 및 비교
 5. 결론


  • 서재윤 Seo, Jae-Yoon. 정회원, 부경대학교 대학원 건축공학과, 박사과정
  • 정근주 Jung, Gun-Joo. 정회원, 부경대학교 건축공학과, 교수, 공학박사
  • 이규남 Rhee, Kyu-Nam. 정회원, 부경대학교 건축공학과, 조교수, 공학박사


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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