A Study on the SociodemographicCharacteristics and Life Satisfaction of Family Caregivers




This study is based on the National Pension Research Institute's 2013 Korean Retirement and Income Study(KReIS) 5 Data for Parents and Children Care over 50 years old and analyzed the satisfaction level of life according to the characteristics of 226 people in society. The results showed that women were more satisfied with their lives than men, and when the age was lower, when they had spouses, and when they had independent economic power. As for the grandchildren caring provider, the higher the education levels, the higher the satisfaction with life. And across all areas, the grandchildren care provider showed greater satisfaction with life than the parents care provider. These results show that the burden of the parents' carers is as great as that. Suggestions based on these results are as follows. First, It is necessary to develop a health care program that can be easily accessed by family carers. Second, Direct economic support is needed, with the primary focus being on family carers. Third, services targeting parents care providers are needed. It is also necessary to form a network that can share the difficulties of parental care.


 1. Introduction
 2. Theoretical background
 3. Analysis Results
 4. Conclusions & Suggestions


  • Ahn-Na Lim Kwangwoon Academy of Advanced Studies, Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea
  • Young-Suk Park Department of SocialWelfare, ShungsanHyo University, Incheon Korea


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