6분과 : 한류 문화/문학과 통번역 (교육)

웹툰 한류와 웹툰 번역시스템 구축의 필요성 연구


A study on the K-webtoon and the necessity of constructing the translation system of the webtoon


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This study focuses on the importance of webtoon translation and the possibility of building webtoon translation system. Korean dramas, movies and K-Pop, Webtoon is becoming the center of new Korean wave contents. Webtoon, a unique and distinctive content born in Korea, is a compound word of web + cartoons. Thanks to the development of the Internet and the spread of smartphones, in recent years, young readers have played a major role not only in domestic but also in the world. Webtoons do not just stay on the Internet, but are re-created as dramas, movies, games, and character products, which can create tremendous cultural and economic effects. Ironically, it was the influence of the foreign illegal translation community on the Internet that made the global K-Webtoon possible. The systematization of the translation of the webtoon and the training of the webtoon translators are urgently needed for the development of the sustainable K-webtoon. The purpose of this study is to analyze the actual situation and problems of the webtoon translation, and to examine the necessity of establishing effective translation system.


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  • 한정은 Han Jeong-Eun. 한국외대


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