일제강점기 민간에 의한 도시개발 : 광주지역 일본인 기업 삼평조(森平組)와 미국선교사에 의한 개발을 대상으로


Urban Development by Private Sector during the Japanese Colonial Period : Focus on the Development by the Sampeongjo and the American Missionaries in the Gwangju Area

윤희철, 윤현석

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The purpose of this study will focus on the American missionaries who have worked in the Gwangju area, Yanglimi(Yanglim-dong area) and the Sampyeongjo who are the Japanese development company. The spatial range of this study is in the inner and outer districts of Gwangju Fortress and Dongmyeong-dong where Sampyeongjo was mainly active, and Yanglim-dong area in the case of American missionaries. As a result of this study, Japanese and Americans who entered Gwangju before and after the opening of Mokpo port tried to apply the way they lived in Gwangju, which is a heterogeneous space in Chosun. In particular, the Japanese enjoyed superior status thanks to the support of Chosun's pro-Japanese forces. In the period of Japanese colonial rule, they secured their position as a dominant force and established their own space through the installation of infrastructure such as roads, water and sewage, Respectively. It is intended to discriminate the space. On the other hand, Americans, mainly missionaries, bought large quantities of cheap land, which was somewhat distant from the city after the opening of Mokpo port, with the help of friendly Christians already organized in Gwangju. In addition, they set up facilities for education and medical care, which Koreans wanted, and settled on missions and interacted with Koreans. In the treatment of leprosy, they were recognized for their merits from the Japanese imperialism, but they also suffered conflicts over the issue of land ownership. The Yangmyeong-dong area of the missionary facilities also served as an important window for communicating new cultures while protecting the majority of Korean Christians. The entrance of these two foreigner groups to Gwangju and the settlement formed by them has been a new stimulus for Gwangju, which has been stagnated in the past for a long time, and it can be regarded as a key leading to rapid modernization and urbanization.


 1. 서론
  1.1. 배경 및 목적
  1.2. 연구의 범위 및 방법
  1.3. 선행연구 고찰
 2. 외국인의 광주 진출 및 정착 과정
  2.1. 일본인의 광주 진출
  2.2. 미국인의 광주 진출
 3. 일본인과 미국인 선교사의 민간개발 사례
  3.1. 일본인의 민간개발
  3.2. 미국선교사의 민간개발
 4. 민간에 의한 도시개발과 그 영향
  4.1. 일본인의 민간개발과 그 영향
  4.2. 미국선교사의 민간개발과 그 영향
 5. 결론


  • 윤희철 Yun, Hee Cheol. 도시・지역개발학 박사, 광주광역시지속가능발전협의회 기획부장
  • 윤현석 Yoon, Hyun Suk. 도시・지역개발학 박사, 전남대 지역개발연구소 위촉연구원, 광주일보 정치부 부장


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