Family Therapy focusing on Filial Piety among Korean Husbands in Light of Family Systems Theories


Hong, Riwha

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My principal concern in this study necessitates a critical review of the practice of filial piety of Korean adult children, especially in the case of the eldest son, in the light of family systems theories such as those of Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy’s contextual family therapy, Murray Bowen’s intergenerational family systems theory, and the MRI group’s communication/interaction approach. Bowen's perspective of family assessment relates to the degree of differentiation of self and detriangulation from the intergenerational approach. From similar perspective to that of Bowen, Boszormenyi-Nagy's contextual approach emphasizes trustworthiness among family members. From the communication approach of the MRI group, the basic value is that the family should function through clear and direct communication. The issue of Korean filial piety is closely connected to the intergenerational approaches. Especially, practicing filial piety of the eldest son can be appropriately explained, in terms of the concept of the nuclear family emotional system, triangulation, family projection process, and sibling position in Bowen's theory. Boszormenyi-Nagy's concept of invisible loyalty can also be useful to explain the notion of the Korean filial piety of the eldest son. However, even if those theories and therapeutic models, despite their contributions and limitations, can be applied to the issue of Korean filial piety in the couple in question, the cultural sensitivity should be still heeded, particularly for non-Korean, or non-Asian therapists. Therefore, a careful consideration of the models or theories used in the application of family problems is important for family therapists, psychologists and even pastoral counselors.


I. Introduction
 II. Family Systems Theories and Therapies
  1. Korean filial piety and family system
  2. Korean filial piety and the contextual family therapy of Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy
  3. Korean filial piety and the intergenerational family systems theory of Murray Bowen
  4. The couple problem in filial piety of the husband and the communication/interaction approaches of the MRI group
 III. Conclusion: therapeutic implications for care


  • Hong, Riwha 홍이화. Korea Christian University


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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