The Armenia–Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict and New Threats to the International Security Architecture in the Modern Period : Challenges and Responses




In the work expressed the new treats and dangers in the present international arena, their heavy blows that delivered to the system of international security, maintenance, reasons, development dynamics, raising of mentioned problems in the international law system, including to make an effort for analyzing “hot points” viewpoint of international law expressed in details in the sample of Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts. In the work also given to the attention the investigations on the solution and managing of these problems, including to the positions of a number of specialists. One of the most interesting moment in the scientific work are the lightening of ISIL, cybercrimes, beside with Ukraine crisis, meeting of Europe with the migrants flow for the recent years, and all mentioned problems clarified viewpoint of multi culturological aspects. In the scientific work investigated and analyzed the ethnogenez of ethnic conflicts, and put forward the recommendations about their regulation, and solution. Analyzed the factors of raising the Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts, regulation ways of solution of this problem, and the dangerous double standard policy have infected in the scientific work. Thus, the terrorist threats, as well as “frozen” conflicts, resulted in a need to deepen interstate cooperation in the security sector.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. ViewsonModern Threats to Global Security
 Ⅲ. RepresentationofEthnic Conflicts and Their Solutions
 Ⅳ. Conclusion


  • Sadir Mammadov Baku Slavic University, Azerbaijan


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