The Blockchain as an eGovernment enabler : A comparative study of Austria and South Korea on opportunities, risks and challenges in the public sector



This paper deals with the usage of blockchain technology in the eGovernment sector. It is analysed to what extent the application of the blockchain-technology in eGovernment brings fundamental changes in the countries Austria and South Korea. Despite this, it is analysed if the implementation of blockchain-technology can be economically viable and attractive for the countries in their efforts to establish eGovernment. In order to check the status quo, various experts from Austria and South Korea are interviewed. A critical assessment with the topic should show which tasks the implementation of the technology entails and in which areas this makes sense. The focus of the work requires knowledge in the technical, as well as in the economic and legal field. After a comprehensive theoretical analysis of blockchain technology and eGovernment the interviews with different experts in the department are evaluated. Finally, the countries of Austria and South Korea are compared in their efforts and use cases.


  • Thomas Hiebaum University of Graz, Austria
  • Wolf Rauch University of Graz, Austria
  • DongBack Seo Department of Management Information Systems, Chungbuk National University


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