도시철도정비작업자의 근골격계질환 예방연구


Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Unban Railway Workers


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The purpose of this study is to analyze the work process and to improve the work to prevent the occupational musculoskeletal diseases that have occurred or are at risk to urban railway maintenance workers. The subjects of this paper are the workers who are exposed to danger such as improper working posture (squatting posture, bending of waist, biting posture, excessive arm stretching, etc.), Repetitive work, And analyzed and evaluated the ergonomic work of the four processes such as the airbag of the train. As a result of the questionnaire survey, the average age of the workers engaged in the maintenance work of the city railway (based on the Seoul Metropolitan Sinjeong Vehicle Authority) is 47.3 years, and the number of workers with more than 20 years working experience is 70.9% 100 out of 158 respondents (63.3%) were physically burdened due to improper work posture and heavy weight handling, and the work environment was needed to be improved promptly due to the shape of symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, OWAS evaluation scores of REBA, RULA and OWAS were lower than REBA and RULA, while OWAS was the main task of maintenance of electric car, Arm was not included in the evaluation items and evaluated as low score, and it was found that REBA and RULA were suitable evaluation tools for the maintenance of electric car. Similar results were obtained with the employee's symptom questionnaire. Based on these results, it can be expected that the risk of musculoskeletal diseases caused by the maintenance worker of urban railway can be significantly reduced by improving and improving the work improvement plan based on the ergonomic work design standard.


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 1. 서론
 2. 근골격게질환의 선행연구와 연구동향
  2.1 근골격계질환의 정의와 증상
  2.2 철도차량관련 근골격계질환 선행연구와 동향
 3. 유해요인조사의 평가도구와 현황조사
  3.1 유해요인조사의 평가도구
 4. 연구조사방법
  4.1 연구대상과 조사방법
  4.2 연구방법
 5. 연구 결과
  5.1 철도종사자의 근골격계 유해요인조사 결과
  5.2 근골격계 증상조사표에 의한 유해요인 예측평가 결과
  5.3 NIOSH와 유해요인 예측평가 결과 비교
  5.4 인간공학적 작업분석의 평가 결과
  5.5 REBA 위험예측 매트릭스 분석
  5.6 연구 결과의 정리
 6. 결론


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