AHP분석을 통한 건설 작업자의 불안전행동 예방 연구


Prevention of Unsafe Behavior for Construction Workers using AHP Method

박성배, 권영국

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The purpose of this study is to discover the key factors to prevent unsafe behavior of a construction worker. Industrial accident statistics in 2013 show that the mortality of construction workers is highest and Heinrich said that most of the accidents caused by unsafe behavior. Installation of safety facilities and safety training in construction sites have improved a lot compared to the past but disaster caused by the unsafe behavior of workers are still occurring at the construction sites in all over the country. This study attempts to investigate the causes and present countermeasure of unsafe behaviors of construction workers. It showed that self management, personal nature of the workers, relief of stress, improvement of work environment are needed most in order to avoid unsafe behavior thorough this study. The output throughout this study are as follows the first securement of optimal construction period, the second education and observation about workers in their fourties and unskilled workers, the third improvement of working environment, the fourth, obey of safety rule, the fifth, drastic safety inspection, the sixth stress relief of workers, the seventh self-control safety management. Based on these findings I anticipate that this study will become a practical guideline to prevent unsafe behavior of domestic construction workers and experimental research for proving effectiveness of the guidelines is done and to be foundation to eradicate unsafe behavior in the construction industry.


< 초록 >
 1. 서론
 2. 선행연구와 연구동향
  2.1 행동기반안전의 동향과 선행연구
 3. 연구조사방법
  3.1 연구대상과 연구방법
  3.2 측정요인
  3.2 자료분석 방법
  3.3 자료분석 결과
  3.4 불안전행동 영향요인
  3.5 스트레스 영향요인
  3.6 AHP 분석에 의한 우선순위 분석
 4. 토론
 5. 결론


  • 박성배 삼성에버랜드 QSE팀
  • 권영국 서울과학기술대학교 안전공학과


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