건설근로자들의 근골격계질환 조사 연구


An Investigation of Musculoskeletal Disorders for Construction Workers

오영수, 권영국

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This research conducted two-time questionnaire survey at the 9 construction jobsite located in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Chungcheong-do, Gyeongsang-do and Gangwon-do centering on 'A' construction company's construction jobsites because there are a lot of differences in the number of work process, danger factors, and job contents subsequent to the sorts of architecture , engineering works and plant construction, etc. As a result of the questionnaire survey, The number of the respondents who said "a little strenuous" and "unbearably strenuous" was surveyed to comprise below the half of the surveyed who were asked about the degree of physical burden. The respondents' physical pain were surveyed to occur at the part of the shoulders the most, and the next was the part of the lower back. As for the age distribution of the target people to be treated, the highest were the people in their forties followed by those in their fifties; as for the age distribution of the people who appealed their physical pain, the highest were the people in their forties followed by those in their thirties; the age distribution by work career, the highest were the laborers of less than 5 years followed by the people of 20~25 years and the people of over 25 years; as for those who complained of physical pain, the highest were the people working for 20~25 years followed by those working for less than 5 years. In the analysis of the people to be treated by process, the highest were the material-sticking workers followed by bricklayers; as for the worker complaining of physical pain, the highest were material-sticking workers followed by reinforcing rod workers. As for the target work for analysis of harmful factor-bearing burden job, this research selected the work which has a lot of pain appealers as a result of questionnaires, and material sticking, plastering, marble job, brick-laying, a reinforced rod work, framework job and welding job by centering on the work which causes a lot of muscular skeleton system burden based on the preceding research work result. To sum up the analysis results by work process; RULA indicated a large majority of work requires a precise investigation and immediate improvement required, REBA indicated High~Very high, and NLE indicated "Probable occurrence of back pain" Thus, most of the above-mentioned jobs were surveyed to cause a high possibility of muscular skeleton system disorders.


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 1. 서론
 2. 근골격계질환의 선행연구와 연구동향
  2.1 근골격계질환의 정의와 문제점
  2.2 근골격계 부담작업의 선행연구
 3. 연구조사방법
  3.1 설문조사 방법
  3.2 근골격계부담작업의 분석방법
 4. 연구 결과
  4.1 인구통계학적 특성
  4.2 근골격계질환 설문조사의 집단차이 분석
  4.3 근골격계질환 설문조사의 회귀분석
  4.4 근골격계질환 관리대상자와 통증호소자의 통계분석
  4.5 설문조사 결과 요약
  4.6 유해요인 부담작업의 동작분석 결과 요약
  4.7 건설현장의 근골격게질환 예방을 위한 제도적 개선대책
  4.8 건설현장의 근골격게질환 예방을 위한 공학적 개선대책
 5. 결론


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