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The Effect of Self-esteem and Social Withdrawal on Aggression in Early Adolescents with Delinquent Behavior

김민서, 전수영, 조연수, 전훈정

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Purpose: This study was conducted to explore the relationship between aggression, self-esteem, and social withdrawal. Methods: This research is a cross-sectional survey. This study used the 5th-year data of the Korean Children & Youth Panel Survey (KCYPS) including 218 middle school students having delinquent behavior. The collected data was analyzed through chi-square test, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson's correlation, and hierarchical multiple regression, using SPSS/Win (ver. 23.0). Results: Significant positive correlations were found between aggression and social withdrawal and between aggression and self-esteem. Higher aggression was associated with higher social withdrawal and lower self-esteem. The results of the 2-step regression are as follows. Aggression was negatively correlated with self-esteem, whereas self-esteem was positively correlated with social withdrawals. The hierarchical multiple regression showed that 21% of the variance of aggression was significantly accounted for by self-esteem and social withdrawal. The most significant factor influencing aggression was social withdrawal. Conclusion: These results suggest that earlier screening and intervention programs to increase self-esteem and decrease social withdrawal for early adolescents should be developed to prevent aggression.


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  • 김민서 Min Seo Kim. 경북대학교 간호대학 대학원
  • 전수영 Soo Young Jun. 경북대학교병원
  • 조연수 Yeon Su Cho. 경북대학교 간호대학 대학원
  • 전훈정 Hoon Jung Jone. 경북대학교 간호대학 대학원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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