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Critical heat flux measurement experiment to improve safety of copper nano-particle coated heat exchanger

모용현, 김남진, 전용한, 이덕수

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When the heat flux on the heating surface following changing heat condition in the boiling heat transfer system exceeds critical heat flux, the critical heat flux phenomenon is going over to immediately the film boiling area and then it is occurred the physical destruction phenomenon of various heat transfer systems. In order to maximize the safe operation and performance of the heat transfer system, it is essential to improve the CHF(Critical Heat Flux) of the system. Therefore, we have analysis the effect of improving CHF and characteristics of heat transfer following the nanoparticle coating thickness. As the results, copper nanocoating time are increased to CHF, and in case of nano-coatings are increased spray-deposited coating times more than in the fure water; copper nanopowder is increased up to 6.40%. The boiling heat transfer coefficients of the pure water are increased up to 5.79% respectively. Also, the contact angle is decreased and surface roughness is increased when nano-coating time is increasingly going up.


 1. 서론
 2. 실험장치 및 방법
 3. 실험결과
  3.1 풀 비등 임계 열유속 측정실험의 불확실성 해석
  3.2 열전달 실험시편 표면 관찰 실험
  3.3 구리 나노입자 코팅시간에 따른 임계 열유속 실험
 4. 결론
 5. References


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