중국 농촌 기독교 발전 과정 고찰


Study for Development process of the Chinese Rural Christian


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The beginning of Chinese rural church was made by China Inland Mission. CIM used humble and specific strategy for the effective missionary, successfully preached gospel to the vast rural area. CIM also trained Chinese pastors in rural area, they were equipped with fundamental faith on the Bible and basic level of culture. Chinese rural pastors became the leaders in those areas, and drew church development from late 19th's to early 20th’s. Another great revival in the Chinese rural church was made by Chinese Home-land Denominations in 1920’s~40’s. Chinese Home-land Denomination such as ‘Zhen Yesu Hui’, ‘Yesu Jiating’, ‘Xiao qun Jiaohui’, had a specific emphasize on the super natural healing and Spritual miracle experiences rather than dogmatic theology or ritual formality in church service. And when they asked cooperative possession and collective labor as a Christian's life style, they especially absorbed lots of poor rural churches. Second, Rural church always was less sensitive than city church in political issues. During the 5.4 movement, anti-imperialism and anti-Christian sentiment were prevailed widely in cities, otherwise, in rural churches, even certain growth was sustained by the western ministry’s leading. After 1950’s, every series of political movement made church harder to survive, during the Cultural Revolution, churches in China were demolished thoroughly at last. But, again in rural churches, where less sensitive and more loose area, ‘Rural House Church’ began to occur and was spread so quickly as an under-ground form. Rural House Church kept fundamental faith on the Bible and highly regarded super natural miracles and healing. In the middle of 1970’it already made full growth to lead the dramatic revival of rural church in the early 80’s.


 1. 들어가는 말
 2. 내지회 선교와 중국 내륙 농촌 교회의 시작
 3. 중국 본토 교파의 출현과 농촌 교회의 성장
 4. ‘농촌가정교회’의 崛起와 80년대 초의 부흥
 5. 맺는 말


  • 조혜영 Cho, Haeyoung. 인천대학교 인문대학


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