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The Development and Validation of Burnout Scale for Compulsory Education Rural School Teachers at China Minority Districts

이훤, 이진숙, 길말선

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The purpose of this study is to develop a burnout scale for compulsory education rural school teachers at China Minority Districts and to examine its validity. To achieve this purpose, Delphi method and Factor Analysis were used. For conducting Delphi survey, the related literature about teacher burnout scale were reviewed to determine the directions for developing the teacher burnout dimensions and items, and a focus group interview was conducted to create teacher burnout items. The Delphi survey were conducted three-rounds on the selected 22 panel of specialists. As a result of the three-rounds Delphi survey, there are four teacher burnout dimensions-Emotional burnout, Physical burnout, Depersonalization and Reduced teaching-efficacy. Researchers conducted exploratory factor with 151 samples by using the preliminary burnout scale which created through Delphi survey, and conducted confirmatory factor with 329 samples. The finding of exploratory and confirmatory factor supported a three-factor structure. The results of this study show us that the three factor of burnout scale for compulsory education rural school teachers at China Minority Districts are Emotional& Physical burnout, Depersonalization, and Job skepticism. The text of item internal consistency and validity suggest that the developed teacher burnout represents a good validity and reliability. The conclusions of this study are as follows:1)It is necessary to improve the working conditions and develop teaching materials that are appropriate for compulsory education rural school teachers who are teaching at China Minority Districts; 2)A teacher evaluation system which match with reality of compulsory education rural school teachers at China Minority Districts should be established. Based on the conclusions mentioned above, the present paper proposes the following suggestions. First, It is necessary to expand the sample size in the next research to further confirm our results; Second, In order to investigate the differences of teachers who are working in the Nine-year Education school in rural areas of China Minority Districts, case study about teachers` burnout should to be carried out; Third, For explaining the reason of teachers` burnout and the process of teachers` burnout, the qualitative research also be needed.


 1. 서론
 2. 교사소진척도 관련 연구
 3. 연구 방법
  3.1 연구 대상
  3.2 연구도구
  3.3 분석방법
 4. 연구결과
  4.1 델파이 연구
  4.2 탐색적 요인분석
  4.3 확인적 요인분석
 5. 논의 및 결론


  • 이훤 Li, Xuan. 부산대학교 교육학과
  • 이진숙 Lee, Jin-Suk. 서울삼각산초등학교
  • 길말선 Kil, Mal-Sun. 부산광무여자중학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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