Factors Affecting Individuals’ Intentions to Discontinue Social Network Services Use


Kyungja Park, Joon Koh

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This study uses the concepts of mental accounting and coupling in consumption to demonstrate a systematic relationship between behavioral costs, sunk costs, coupling, and user intention to discontinue social network services (SNS) use. An analysis of 213 SNS users found that coupling and sunk costs are two major factors that influence an individual’s intention to discontinue SNS use. An interesting finding of this study is that the perception of coupling is created by behavioral costs in the context of an SNS. This finding implies that the source of cost perception when perceiving coupling may differ depending on whether the product or service is traditional or web-based. These results contribute to an expansion of the theoretical discussion of individual-level discontinuance intention after adopting SNS by conceptualizing the perception of coupling.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. Research Background
  2.1. Costs and Decision-Making
  2.2. Coupling Perception and ICT’s Usage Behavior
 Ⅲ. Research Model and Hypotheses
  3.1. Research Model
  3.2. Research Hypotheses
 Ⅳ. Research Methodology and Analysis
  4.1. Data Collection and Measurement
  4.2. Assessment of Measurement Model
  4.3. Assessment of the Structural Model
 Ⅴ. Discussion and Implications
  5.1. Discussion of Findings
  5.2. Implications and limitations


  • Kyungja Park Lecturer, Department of Cultural Contents, Chonnam National University, Korea
  • Joon Koh Professor, College of Business Administration, Chonnam National University, Korea


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