A Study on 『Joseon Pildamjib(朝鮮筆談集)』 by Ishikawa Jozan(石川丈山)



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The purpose of this study is to examine the formation background, composition and content, and the historical significance of cultural exchange between Korea and Japan for 『Joseon Pildamjib( 朝蘇筆談集)』.
『Joseon Pildamjib( 朝蘇筆談集)』 was written by Ishikawa Jozan(石 川文山), when Joseon Tonsinsa( 朝蘇通信使) was dispatched to Japan in order to celebrate the age of peace and prosperity of Japan in 1636. IIJoseon Pilda꾀 ib~ was the sununary of content exchanged with the conversation by writing , poems and letters between Ishikawa Jozan(石) 11文山) and Gwon Chik(權때) who was on the way back and stayed at Kyoto(京都). Ishikawa Jozan had published IIJoseon Plidamjib( 朝蘇筆談集)~ for the purpose of showing off his literary talent to have the conversation by writing and exchange poems, and for the purpose of informing the evidence of writing competition against the representative writer of the Joseon(朝蘇) widely.
Second, 『Joseon Pi ldamjib(朝蘇筆談集)』 is composed of four parts. However, due to the lack of the disceming eyes of the publisher , the classification standard of the item is not clear, so it is t와이ng a distracting configuration. Instead, it used the variety of literature types such as the conversation by writing, poems and letters, and it took the method of description using conversational style in the form of ‘ tell 때d answer’. So its writing feature is veη vivid , it seems to be in the veη place and moment of the conversation by writing.
Third, the content of D"Joseon Pildamjib(朝蘇筆談集).1 is following. It is to build a consensus on poetη and to elevate the position of opponent, to identify the literary talent through poetry creation, to evaluate D" B비 an밍 ib(覆醫集).1, Ishikawa Jozan’ s poetry collection, and to reveal the definition of parting.
Like this, D" Joseon Pilda때 ib(朝蘇筆談集).1 is the first publication of the conversation by writing that contains the content. of sharing friendship between two countries' writers through poems. Since then, it had become the exemplary pattem of exchanges between two countries' writers on the way of Tonsinsa( 通信使) 띠 siting. And the significance of cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan is in that the participants of the conversation by writing have shown their literary talent at home and abroad and have elevated their status.


1. 서론
 2. 『朝鮮筆談集』의 형성 배경
 3. 『朝鮮筆談集』의 구성과 내용
 4. 『朝鮮筆談集』의 한일 문화교류사적 의의
 5. 결론


  • 강주란 Kang, Ju-Ran. 부산대학교 국어국문학과 박사과정


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