Reception of the 10th Korean Envoys in Fukuoka-Han(Part 1)

엔쿄[延享] 5 년 조선통신사와 후쿠오카번(前編)

吉田 智史

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12 times of Korean envoys who visited Japan during the Edo period were important diplomatic missions. When the Korean envoys came, the Edo shogunate ordered the lords in various places to host them. Fukuoka-Han hosted 11 times of envoys at Ainoshima(currently Shingu Town, Kasuya gun, Fukuoka prefecture) except for the 12th envoy in 1811.
The reception of the Fukuoka-Han was subject to research from the Taisho period. The five times record of the reception is finely remained from the 7th(1682) to the 11th(1763). We must refer to these studies that were made by Mr. Hidetoshi Miyake and Mr. Shigehiro Takada. As a result of them, the receptions were elucidated in the 7th and 9th(1719), 11th. 1 have elucidated the 8th (1711). For the 1 Oth( 1748) reception, in this manuscript 1 clarified as follows.
Fukuoka-Han got informations that the envoys were coming to Japan in 1746, picked officials in charge, collected informations on reception. It was important to obtain accurate informations from the Edo shogunate, the Tsushima-Han, and many Hans that were in charge of reception. The most important things that 1 want to say are that the Fukuoka-Han made intimate relationships with the chief retainer of the Tsushima-Han and obtained informations , and sent emissaries to Tsushima for collecting informations. 1 think that the purpose was to reduce the burden of the Tsushima-Han and obtain accurate informations. However ih the llth(1 763), Fukuoka-Han did not gathered informations. These are the future issues. Messengers of many Hans went to Tsushima to collect informations before the 9th. Tsushima - Han has refused them. So 1 have to study how the messengers were getting the imformations for Tsushima-Han.
Fukuoka-Han was ordered to reduce wasteful expenses from the Edo shogunate, and was also receiving advice from the chief retainer of Tsushima-Han. For about half a year, Fukuoka - Han had prepared the harbor and lodgings of Ainoshima since May 1747. They also gathered high quality foods from the territory but they were not enough.
In addition, the Fukuoka-Han mobilized a large number of citizens. About 3 ,300 people were mobilized to the sailor, and about 500 ships were mobilized. Many people also mobilized for construction of facilities in Ainoshima. Reception of the 10th, the financial situation of the Fukuoka-Han was bad , so the burden on the people increased.
In this way , the Fukuoka-Han prepared for reception with reference to the results of the previous reception and the information contents. This tendency continued to the 11th, so the reception for the 10th is said that the structure of the Fukuoka-Han was maturing.
The correspondence of the Fukuoka-Han in the reception of the envoy of 10th will be posted as the second part in the next draft.


1. はじめに
 2. 騎走に備えた情報收集·情報交換
 3. 相島における準備
 4. 食材などの調達
 5. 福岡落領民の動員
 6. おわりに


  • 吉田 智史 요시다 토모후미. 日本福岡縣糟屋郡志免中學校敎論


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