朝鮮後期 通信使行 관련 差倭 接待


A Study on the Reception of Chawae about Tongsinsa in the Late Joseon

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πle purpose of this study is to examine how Chawae( 差慶), diplomatic envoying in late Joseon, started and its reception rules and also investigate how the reception rules of Chawae about Tongsinsa among the types of Chawae changed in two periods.
The Chawae System began simultaneously with the dispatch of Tongsinsa in 1636 after the lncident of National Official Document Adapted in Tsusima. After that , under the name of diplomatic affairs , many types of Chawae were dispatched to Joseon, and among them, Chawae about Tongsinsa had one thing in common as it was the come-and-go of the kings' envoys of the two countries.
Among the types of Chawae, Chawae about Tongsinsa included Tongsinsa-cheongraechawae , Tongsinsa-hohaengchawae, Tongsinsahohwanchawae , Tongsinsa-cheongtoechawae, Naesedangsongsinsachawae, and Tongsinsa-uijeongchawae. Among them, the types of Chawae dispatched for Tongsinsa always and periodically were Tongsinsa-cheongraechawae(Chawae coming to ask for Tongsins) , Tongsinsa-hohaengchawae(αlawaet와예19 Tongsinsa) , and Tongsinsahohwanchawae( Chawae coming to bring Tongsinsa).
The reception rules of all types of Chawae including Chawae about Tongsinsa can be exarnined largely in two periods. The first period is the year of 1636 and after that when eopwigwan’s reception began, and the second period is the year of 1682 and after that when there was dispatch of Tongsinsa.
In the first period, reception rites were maintained, and at the same time , unlike Yeonryesongsa, ]eopwigwan was dispatched additionally to Chawae , so it can be regarded as the period that the reception rites of Chawae came to be regularized. Here, Chawae about Tongsinsa belonged to Daechawae, but not all were received by Gyeongjeopwigwan. It means that Gyeongjeopwigwan and Hyangjeopwigwan were dispatched to provide reception properly in consideration of the situations of ]oseon or the characteristics of Chawae.
The second period is the one that they were moved to Choryangwaegwan and then the reception rules of ]apanese envoys were revised. With the envoying of Tongsinsa in 1682, Daechawae was clearly distinguished from Sochawae. Accordingly, Chawae was divided into Daechawae and Sochawae and received differently. In particular, Tongsinsahohwanchawae came to be included in the reception of Daechawae completely after that and received by Gyeongjeopwigwan.
This study has exarnined the reception to see how the reception of Chawae is related to the siatus o[ Tongsinsa. As a result, this author has found several cases in which the envoying of Tongsinsa was more valued than the reception of Chawae in many aspects, which tells us that both ]oseon and ]apan regarded the status of Tongsinsa higher.


1. 서론
 2. 통신사행 관련 차왜
 3. 1636년 접위관 접대를 받다
 4. 1682년 임술사행으로 대차왜가 되다
 5. 통신사행 차왜 접대 의례
 6. 결론


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