The Effects of Consideration of Future Consequences on HPV Vaccine-Related Attitudes and Intentions


Jarim Kim, Xiaoli Nan

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The present research examined the predictability of personality traits-in terms of consideration of future consequences (CFC)-with respect to human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. A cross-sectional online survey was conducted with 124 college students in the United States. The results showed that CFC predicts participants’ intention to get the vaccine when they need to pay for it. CFC, on other hand, did not predict attitudes toward vaccination or intentions to get vaccinated when it is offered for free. However, CFC had indirect impacts on these factors through perceived benefits and perceived barriers. This study extends prior research on CFC by focusing on its effects on psychological processes including attitudes and intentions, rather than actual behaviors, as well as its indirect effects on those factors through various health beliefs. The study also provides implications for designing HPV vaccination campaigns by providing strategies for audience segmentation and message design.


 Literature Review
  HPV Vaccination
  Consideration of Future Consequences
  CFC and health behavior
  CFC and vaccination
  Potential Mediating Roles of Health Beliefs
  Design and Procedures
  Prior knowledge regarding HPV and the HPV vaccine
  Attitudes and intentions
  Health beliefs
  Individual differences in consideration of future consequences
  Limitations and Future Research Directions
  Practical Implications


  • Jarim Kim Assistant Professor, School of Communication, Kookmin University
  • Xiaoli Nan Professor, Department of Communication, University of Maryland


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