한영 기계번역 포스트 에디팅에 대한 경험적 고찰 : 학부 교육 과정 및 결과를 중심으로


An Empirical Investigation of Kor-Eng Machine Translation Post-Editing : Focused on the Analysis of MT-PE of Undergraduates


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Given the significant improvement in machine translation(MT) quality and the increasing demand for post-editors, post-editing(PE) is becoming a critical skill that needs to be included in undergraduate translation curriculum. In addition, MT-PE practice can help understand approaches and problems in translation processes especially for undergraduates who don’t have excellent command of their L2(English), when they are supposed to translate from L1(Korean) to L2. Although MT-PE researches are in their inception in Korea, several studies have recently been conducted to keep up with the prevalence of MT; therefore, as part of such movement in translation research, this paper investigates the application of PE guidelines by text type and its implications based on PE examples and analysis. At a time when the MT-PE researches are about to proliferate, such applications and examples can serve as a foundation for following researches to go deeper in this field.


 1. 서론
 2. 이론적 배경
  2.1. 포스트 에디팅 가이드라인의 중요성 및 난점
  2.2. 포스트 에디팅 가이드라인 세부사항
  2.3. 포스트 에디팅 가이드라인과 소통적 번역 역량과의 연계
  2.4. 한영 기계번역 포스트 에디팅 학부 교육 이행 목적
 3. 학부 포스트 에디팅 교육 이행 및 결과 분석
  3.1. 참여자
  3.2. 포스트 에디팅 대상 텍스트 및 에디팅 과정
  3.3. 결과 분석 및 소결
 4. 결론
 [부록] 원천 텍스트 및 기계번역 결과물


  • 마승혜 Mah, Seung-Hye. 동국대학교


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