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前近代における海洋都市釜山の気候変化 - 17世紀末から18世紀初期の倭館館守日記を中心に -


The Weather Trend of marine city Busan in the Pre-modern Ages


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This study focus on the weather trend of marine city Busan in the pre-modern age. The climate change is very important for our daily life and modern business. The 17th among Little Ice Age (1300~1850year) was the times of the Great Famine and the crisis by the meteorologist. The most numerously famine of Latter Period Joseon Dynasty were occurred from the end of 17th to the beginning of the 18th. The agriculture had the bad year and many people had the wandering life by the Great Famine. Especially Latter period Joseon Dynasty suffered hardships from 1670 to 1720 by the Great Famine. The correlation between weather and famine are necessary to investigate concretely from various viewpoints. As a result, the weather of the marine city Busan was very clear and no rainy, the north wind was blowed much by the wind direction data in the end of 17th. in the end of 17th.


  1) 初期倭館館守日記の概観
  2) 17世紀後半18世紀初の釜山浦の気候


  • 朴花珍 박화진. 釜慶大學校 史學科


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